Credit Repair, Counseling & Education

Citrus & Gold strives for 100% customer service

In the world of credit repair, the outcome of a service cannot be guaranteed, and no company can promise a result. Citrus and Gold, Inc strives to have 100% satisfied clients. We stand behind our credit restoration services. We put in our best to ensure that incorrect, inadequate, and inaccurate information is identified and modified, or removed from the credit report.  Citrus and Gold, Inc promises that we will not take on a client we do not believe we can fairly assist with the process and will do our best to help each and every client to the best of our ability. 

Some of our services provided:

Meet with us in person or virtually so we can provide professional advice and counseling on how to repair and maintain good credit.

We will dispute inaccurate items on your credit report, prepare the proper legal forms to be filed with the credit agencies, and complete reviews with progress made. 

Purchase our Do-It-Yourself kits so that you can take complete control over your credit report and information. 

Let us help you grow and monitor your credit report with bi-weekly checks. Any inconsistencies that appear will be handled right away.

We will offer zoom classes to help you become knowledgeable in credit cards, mortgages, saving, investing, and much more. 

We will offer age appropriate zoom classes for kids kindergarten and above to learn early on about saving, balancing money, and other basic skills.


Citrus and Gold offers a list of industry professionals to use with whatever you need- real estate, investments, banking, and more. We will also be hosting networking events for any professionals that would like to collaborate with others in their industries to gain knowledge, contacts, and business relationships. We will have both virtual and in person meet ups, a Facebook group, and we will link your social media to our page under Networking.

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